SoapUI and SSLPeerUnverifiedException

I have developed and tested new web service. I used SoapUI for testing local endpoint. Next step was to deploy the service into testing environment. But suddenly I failed to connect to this endpoint. I was able to open its WSDL description in Firefox, but SoapUI failed with SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not authenticated. The setup was network with proxy and there was Apache proxy translating URLs for the service. There was many similar complaints on web but no solution. I tried many proposals like trusting the certificate (because StartCom is not trusted certification authority in Java) but nothing helped. Until I posted a question SoapUI fails to connect HTTPS (SSLPeerUnverifiedException) on StackOverflow. It lead me to solution:

  1. edit bin/soapui.bat
  2. find setting the property JAVA_OPTS
  3. append -Djsse.enableSNIExtension=false

The reason for this behavior is explained in this answer:

Java 7 introduced SNI support which is enabled by default. I have found out that certain misconfigured servers send an „Unrecognized Name“ warning in the SSL handshake which is ignored by most clients… except for Java.

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