Looking for a perfect job

After almost six years with AEVI (Wincor) I feel it is time to seek a new opportunity. It gave me a lot: I have learned card payment industry, I have met interesting personalities like Michal Prazny or Miroslav Pekarek, I have worked with many colleagues I trust, I had a chance to present our products at Cartes exhibition in Paris, and finally I have met many customers from multiple countries. I have designed solutions for many high profile customers.

Past occupancies

I have a technical background. I have studied math informatics at Palacky University between 1995-1999. I had a Java lecture introducing this language to other students in 1996. I wrote an FTP client in Swing as my school project. My diploma thesis was to create neural networks simulator in C++. I worked as a trainer for ERP BAAN during my studies for international clients.

Once I graduated I was working as an IT journalist parallelly with my public service duty. My first job was J2EE developer in international startup 12snap when I met many great colleagues including Abhishek Balaria, Jiri Luzny, Eric Greene, Jan Stanek, Wally Green, naming just a few of them. Then I created popular webzine www.abclinuxu.cz where I spent countless hours. It attracted up to 200K monthly users. It was acquired by Stickfish, where I worked with Robert Kratky, Vlastimil Ott, Vita Valka, Martin Mateju, and Filip Korbel.

My next occupation was at Systinet founded by Roman Stanek. I started as UDDI registry developer. Systinet was acquired by Mercury Interactive and joined HP later. I was promoted to a team leader role. I managed an offshore team in Vietnam as well. I had a chance to work with Radovan Janecek, Miroslav Simek, Svata Dedic, Roman Pichlik, Jiri Fabian, Milan Boruvka, Ivan Kudibal, Albert Regner, Jacek Kopecky, Petr Ferschmann and many many others. We were developing high-quality products.

Then I changed my career path and became a solution architect at GEM Systems. I worked on B2B projects for VZP, I designed GIS integration and accident management for UAMK, IS for NIX. I have learned so many things from Pavel Dostal and my colleagues like Jiri Holubec, Marcel Dvorak or Karel Husa.

Perfect job

I am seeking for a job that is challenging and pushes my boundaries further. I enjoy creating new products, helping customers to fit their needs. I like to travel. It is satisfying for me when I solve some problem and the customer is happy.

Well, such description is very vague but intentionally. I do not want to limit opportunities with too concrete description.

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