OAuthLogin – beta testing

No public interest, so I discontinued this project

I have an idea of writing new website and I know that people do not like registrations. To maximize user involvement and participation I decided to support OAuth login technology which delegates authentication and authorization to different provider. In other words you can safely login with Google, Facebook and many other service accounts. I found Scribe library that helps Java developers but I realized that it is not such easy to start. So I decided to write a prototype first to learn all neccessary technologies in advance. And once it progressed and I put more effort in it I decided to make it public and open source.

So there it is. It is beta release which improved user experience and fixed too broad privileges issue. It is standalone Java Enterprise application consisting of two modules: EJB and WAR. The users are persisted in database via JPA. The users can log with Google, Twitter and Facebook. I reconsider Microsoft account support as well. It is possible to log with one provider and then link other providers as well, so you can later choose any provider to log into same account.



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